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David Zumr et al. published a study on flood waves transformation and sediment regime in small regulated streams:

Data for Aktion 2017 course - download here

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Who I am?
Currently, I am the Assistant Professor at KHMKI (K143), but also a PhD student in the field of Environmental Engineering (IŽP). Before that I finished a bachelor's and master's studies at the FSv, CTU, where I came from the Secondary Technical School of Josef Gočár.
I deal with the topic of modeling of soil erosion, subsequent transport and, in particular, polution of water reservoirs. I am focusing on USLE and WaTEM / SEDEM.
The topic of my dissertation thesis is "Assessment of the endurance of water reservoirs by sediment using the WaTEM / SEDEM model".
In a wider context, I am concerned with the modeling of erosion and rainfall - runoff relationships and work with GIS - raster and vector analysis. Also, simulations with rainfall simulator.
I am a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU.
I am a former member of SKAS (Student Chambers of the Academic Senate).
I deal with both research activities and teaching of all the topics mentioned.