Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Irrigation, Drainage and Landscape Engineering

News and Events
(30.05.2018 v 13:51)

David Zumr et al. published a study on flood waves transformation and sediment regime in small regulated streams:

Data for Aktion 2017 course - download here

(1.06.2018 v 13:29)

Soil laboratory


  • analyzer TOC multi N/C 2100 (ChD) v kombinaci s modulem pro pevné vzorky HT1300 (Analytik Jena, Germany)
  • automated geoelectrical system ARES with standard accessories (GF Instruments spol. s r.o.)
  • TDR100 for water content measurments (Campbell Scientific Ltd., England)
  • multimetr ORION5 Star for electrochemichal measurements pH/mV/ORP/ISE/Cond/DO Br- (Thermo Scientific, ORION Electrochemistry Products)
  • centrifuge MPW 251 (MPW MED. Instruments, Poland)
  • fraction collector Retriever 500 (TELEDYNE ISCO)
  • peristaltic pump ECOLINE VC360 (Ismatec)
  • distiller AQUAL 29