Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Dne 3. února 2021 od 9 hodin v B 683 se bude konat státní závěrečná zkouška posluchačů oboru Vodní hospodářství a vodní stavby (obor V) a oboru Inženýrství životního prostředí (obor Z). Více informací zde.

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We are looking for a doctoral candidate (PhD student) who would join our team and work with us to observe the principles of microplastic (MiP) movement in agricultural fields. Information here.

O projektu CAMARO, ale také o našich studentech a možnostech spolupráce...

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Konference Hydrologie, GIS a ŽP (9.12.2020)

Nučice catchment

The Nučice catchment was established in 2011 as a long term monitoring site primarily focusing on studying water and sediment transport at headwater agricultural catchments with moderate slopes. Besides the long term monitoring, event-based campaigns were undertaken at the catchment, such as rainfall simulations, artificial flow wave experiments or geophysical monitoring. Currently the catchment is being equipped with soil water content probe network in order to study the soil water regime at the catchment scale.


30 km east from the capital Prague: 49°57'49.230"N, 14°52'13.242"E.


Humid continental climate, with average annual precipitation of 630 mm, evapotranspiration of 500–550 mm, and mean annual air temperature 6°C.


Luvisols and Cambisols with a loamy Ap horizon (0.1–0.2 m deep) and underlain by a silty and silty-clay B horizon.


The meteorological, stream discharge and soil moisture data together with annual reports can be downloaded as a single ZIP file.

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