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(10.12.2018 v 14:41)

Opened PhD position in hydrological modelling and monitoring in rural catchments!

Wee seek a doctoral candidate (PhD student) who would join our group and work with us on the water use efficiency in agriculture production. The student will take a part in a cross disciplinary European project „Management of soil water resources in the EU and China and its impact on agro-ecosystem functions“. The focus of our group will be assessing the impact of various management measures on water balance and soil water regime. Please, see more information here.

(10.12.2018 v 14:41)

GIS in Landscape Egineering

Code: 143GISE
Year: 1
Obligation: Optional
Credits: 3
Assessment: Classified credit
Semester: Summer
Responsible lecturer: doc. Ing. Josef Krása, Ph.D.
Description: Introduction to Geoinformatics. Main components of GIS - users, software, geodata, systems, hardware. Structure of Geodata, basics of data preprocessing, searching for information. Basics of Geodatabases, work with raster and vector data. Work with raster oriented systems and vector oriented systems. GIS in designing and in landscape and water management. Introduction to morphological modelling. Digital terrain models, land use mapping, soil maps, precipitation maps. Available commercial databases and free sources. Introduction to Remote sensing. Work with Idrisi and ArcGIS systems.


Lectures and data for download

Folowing the course is obligatory. Missed courses have to be "justified" and data has to be reworked.

If you know to be out of school - let me know in ahead by e-mail. Consult any problems by e-mail and then personally (

Evaluated is (1) active participation at the course and (2) a report from the course (see example bellow).

The report from each lecture have to be presented in 2 weeks after each lecture - digitally (WORD/PDF) and reported as a complete material 3 weeks after end of the semester.

Lectures and data for download


Syllabus for the semester work


Data for download

Example of semestral "student report"