Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Ing. Martin Dočkal, Ph.D. poskytl rozhovor pro

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Zásoby sněhu, jako rychlý indikátor hydrologického sucha v horských tocích

Hlavní řešitel za katedru: doc. Ing. Martin Šanda, Ph.D.
Spolupracující organizace: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Ladscape Research, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics, Tbilisi, Georgia

Začátek řešení: 2014-09-01
Konec řešení: 2017-08-31
Cíl projektu: A Tri-National research effort will evaluate how summer low flows and droughts are affected by winter snowpack in three catchments Alpbach (Prealps, central Switzerland), Kamenice (Jizera Mountains, northern Czech Republic), and Gudjaretis-Tskali (Little Caucasus, central Georgia). Two GIS-based rainfall-runoff models will simulate more than 10 years of runoff in streams by means of measured rain- and snowfall, and other meteorological variables. The models use information on the geographical settings of the catchments and knowledge of the hydrological processes that transform rainfall into streamflow, in particular between spring snowmelt and summer droughts. Thesy include snow accumulation and melt, evapotranspiration, subsurface storage from spring recharge until the summer outflow, and will be studied by means of environmental isotopes 18O and 2H. The knowledge about the isotopic composition of the different water sources will allow to identify the flowpaths and estimate the residence time of snow meltwater in the subsurface and its contribution to the stream. The application of the models in different nested or neighbouring catchments will explore their potential for further development and allow for a better early prediction of low-flow periods in various mountainous zones across Europe.

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Další řešitelé:

Swiss Federal Institute fro Forest, Snow and Landscape research
  • Massimiliano Zappa
  • Andrea Ruecker
  • Luzi Bernard
M.Nodia Geophysical institute
  • Georgi Melikadze
  • Nino Kapanadze