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Soil Science and Soil Physics

Code: 143SSP
Year: 1
Obligation: Optional
Assessment: Exam
Semester: Winter
Responsible lecturer: doc. Ing. Martin Šanda, Ph.D.
Description: Upon completion of this course, the student will have a working knowledge of the principles and practices of soil science with focus on soil hydrology and soil chemistry. Knowledge of soil type and soil class classification and its characteristics (focusing on water management).



1. Introduction to soil science, importance of soils
2. Factors of soil formation
3. Introduction to soil chemistry
4. Soil texture, soil structure
5. Physical properties of soils, capillarity
6. Soil water retention curve
7. Measurement of soil water content
8. Water flow in soil, hydraulic conductivity
9. Water flow in soil: saturated and unsaturated
10. Elementary processes: infiltration, evaporation, transpiration
11. Soil types
12. Soils of the World
Exam important questions


1. Particle size analysis, solids density.
2. Retention curve of soil moisture, hydraulic conductivity.
Determination of retention curve - sheet
3. Chemical properties: pH, el. conductivity, organic carbon
Laboratories are organized in 3 blocks of 4 hours.


1. Fitzpatrick, E.A. (1980). Soils: Their Formation, Classification and Distribution. Longman, London. 
2. Jury, W.A. and Horton R. (2004). Soil Physics 6th Edition, Wiley, US