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WaTEM/SEDEM model - Empirical model of soil erosion and sediment transport (KU Leuven, Belgium)

LS converter - a simple tool to convert between * .asc and * .rst format (for example, to prepare data for the WaTEM / SEDEM model in ArcGIS; preparation of documents for USLE2D, etc.)

USLE 2D, 64bit verze - Download Usle2D Software

USLE 2D, 32bit verze - Download Usle2D Software

ATTA Converter - Convert files between formats (*.asc, *.rst, *.tif, *.shp, *.vct, *.json, *.geojson, *.gml)

Cartographic Issues (GIS):

Stop soil erosion, keep soil where it belongs!  -

What is the real size of individual parts of the world - how much do they distort google maps

Nice video about projection - real world vs. map - 

A book on map creation with practical examples and tutorials (QGIS, ArcGIS) - downloadable as PDF

GIS portály, webové služby, analýzy... 

Cadastre of Real Estates

Cadastre of Real Estates - download of cadastral map in SHP (Shapefile) format - whole CR!

Prague Geoportal, with the possibility to download a number of data (eg in SHP format)

Altimetry analysis (terrain models - DMR4G, DMR5G, DMP1G including visibility analysis, volume measurement, etc.)

Test compatibility ArcGIS Desktop:

ArcGIS update


Surfer trial