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Environmental Engineering

Code: 143ENE
Year: 1
Obligation: Optional
Credits: 4
Assessment: Exam
Semester: Summer and Winter
Responsible lecturer: prof. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Dostál,
Description: General information about interaction between human beings and their environment. Information about water quality and pollution, flood hazard, air and soil pollution, landscape utilization and protection, soil erosion, climate change, sustainability, waste production and disposal, energy production and consumption. Questions of ethics, philosophy and globalization are discussed together. The topics are given on basic information level, respecting various backgrounds of the students.



Lecture notes:

  1. Introduction, course scope
  2. Environmental engineering, sustainable development (a)
  3. Environmental engineering, sustainable development (b)
  4. Landscape reclamation, EIA
  5. Ecology
  6. Atmosphere (1st part) - Atmosphere, air pollution
  7. Atmosphere (2nd part) - Solar radiation, greenhouse effect, Kyoto and Montreal protocols
  8. Soil - Soil formation, classification, soil water, economical evaluation of soils
  9. Water 1
  10. Water 2
  11. Waste Management


Task #1 + EIA

Task #2 - Environmental impacts

Task #3 - Alternative solution

Task #4 - Comparison of alternatives

Task #5 - Report & Presentation


EIA report - Table of contents

- each group will present their report

- app 10 - 15 min per group (not more!)

- all the members must be present (on time!)

- all the members must be able to react to the general questions related to the project