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Using of UAV based methods for surface runoff and soil erosion processes assessment

Department's Principal Investigator: Ing. Miroslav Bauer, Ph.D.
Co-operation: Bundesamt für Wasserwirtschaft (BAW)
Federal Agency for Water Management Institute for Land and Water Management Research

Start: 2020-01-01
End: 2021-12-31
Research focus: Two main areas can be mentioned as main goals of the project: to allow close connection of two top-expert teams, their further close cooperation, effective common use and exchange of know-how and unique equipment of one or other partner and education and training of young researchers using close international cooperation. Next goal is direct research, focused on monitoring of erosion and transport processes, using UAV and improvement of reliability and applicability of mathematical modelling of soil erosion and transport processes. Main goals of the project proposed therefore are: - To perform common experimental campaigns of monitoring surface runoff, soil erosion, transport and deposition processes, to harmonize methodologies of routine monitoring, supported UAV and various sensors and cameras. Soil erosion process will be monitored in both of sheet and concentrated forms. Both of location and extent (quantification) will be documented. - To continue by collection wide datasets of monitored events, using above harmonized methodology - Using collected data, to improve and publish methodology of operational monitoring of surface runoff, erosion and transport processes using UAV and various scanners and sensors - To derive simple empirical relation determining concentrated flow and rill/gully erosion, which can be implemented to USLE based distributed empirical models of soil erosion processes, using collected data sets

Research team members at the departement:

Spolupracující organizace:

Bundesamt für Wasserwirtschaft (BAW)
Federal Agency for Water Management Institute for Land and Water Management Research

Zahraniční řešitel projektu:
Dr. Elmar Schmaltz