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Updating concept of the tolerable soil loss from arable land

Code: SS05010180
Principal Investigator: Ing. Jiří Kapička
Department's Principal Investigator: Ing. Miroslav Bauer, Ph.D.
Výzkumný ústav meliorací a ochrany půdy, v.v.i.,
Sweco Hydroprojekt a.s.
Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka veřejná výzkumná instituce
České vysoké učení technické v Praze / Fakulta stavební
Start: 2022-04-01
End: 2024-12-31
Research focus: The aim of the project is to comprehensively define the approach to determine the maximum allowable loss of soil by water erosion with regard to various methods of determination and approaches to its evaluation, maintaining soil production capacity and impacts on water quality, related infrastructure and natural ecosystems. The newly recommended values of permissible loss will be based on the real rate of land loss on agricultural land and on respecting the requirements of sustainable soil, water, agriculture and other aspects. Recommended calculation methods will include a combination of long-term average soil loss and process episodic approaches.

Research team members at the departement: