Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Department's Principal Investigator: doc. Ing. Petr Kavka, Ph.D.
ČZÚ v Praze, Katedra vodního hospodářství a environmentálního modelování (
doc. Ing. Martin Hanel, Ph.D.)
Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v. v. i. (prof. Mgr. Ing. Miroslav Trnka, Ph.D.)
VUV T. G. Masaryka v.v.i. (Ing. Adam Vizina, Ph.D.)
Start: 2019-09-26
End: 2020-09-26
Research focus: The activities of the CTU in Prague are mainly connected with the development of the evaporometer with a focus on the development of a sufficiently robust level measurement with sufficient accuracy.

Research team members at the departement:

The main aim of the project is the development of an affordable mobile water surface evaporimeter and the reference shore evaporimeter. Part of the project will be testing the optimum setting of the parameters of the evaporimeter and the fitted equipment.
Existing evaporimeter measurements (Hlasivo, Podbaba, stanice ČHMÚ) will be used as a basis for estimation of spatial distribution of evaporation with emphasis on the winter evaporation. Water surface evaporation maps will be constructed for the entire territory of the CR for individual months - which would be new for the winter season.
The project will allow for quantification of total evaporation balance for the purpose of water resources management and planning in the CR immediately in relation to the project.