Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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Katedra hydromeliorací a krajinného inženýrství

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We are looking for a doctoral candidate (PhD student) who would join our team and work with us to observe the principles of microplastic (MiP) movement in agricultural fields. Information here.

O projektu CAMARO, ale také o našich studentech a možnostech spolupráce...

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Konference Hydrologie, GIS a ŽP (9.12.2020)

Stream Revitalization Principles and Practice

Kód předmětu: 143SRPP
Ročník: 5
Míra povinnosti: Volitelný
Kredity: 4
Zakončení: Zkouška
Semestr: Zimní
Garant: doc. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Dostál,
Náplň předmětu: This course introduces selected topics that are fundamental concepts/principles used for stream restoration practices used in the United States and revitalization practices in the Czech Republic. Through an understanding of watershed processes, a course focus is on the assessment of physically-degraded and ecologically-stressed lotic systems guiding what restoration techniques are applicable to enhance habitat quality. An ecological engineering approach to habitat enhancement design integrates watershed resource needs of human society with the natural environment to achieve a diverse and sustainable aquatic ecosystem. Topics covered in the course will include: watershed processes and assessment, fluvial geomorphology, environmental flows, stream ecology, aquatic habitat structure and function, and bioassessment indicators. An ecohydraulic mesohabitat-based approach to stream restoration design will be presented. It includes application of the River2D model, and the Bank Stability and Toe Erosion Model (BSTEM) supporting an ecological engineering approach to stream restoration design.

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Course syllabus (update Nov 18, 2019)


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Additional information:

Stream restoration guidebook

USDA Technical Document

HEC-RAS Users manual